Talks and Workshops

Most people aspire to be happy as an end in itself. However, the impact of that happiness on other aspects of our lives are significant. Happier people tend to live longer, be healthier, more energetic, more productive, and more creative. Happier people also tend to be more successful.

We can design talks and workshops to suit the needs of your business, organisation or group. They can be interactive or presentation style, although the more engaged people are in the process, the more likely they are to take action as a result.

 ‘From the feedback received from staff on the day and from the feedback returned, staff were very enthusiastic about the session and came away with lots of positive ways of working to enhance better working relationships in the office.  There is now a gratitude book in the office and staff have been writing comments in this.  So this session delivered exactly what we required.’ – BPHA Staff Conference 2013 

‘Your presentation was really useful in giving residents some real food for thought and I think it was something where the residents both enjoyed the presentation content and also went away having learnt something new.’ – BPHA Residents’ Conference 2013

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