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Get Happy

At Happiness Matters, our mission is to get people to give their happiness the attention it deserves. Most of us aspire to be happy and yet we spend little time understanding what contributes to our happiness or taking positive actions to enhance our happiness.

With Happiness Matters, you can choose how to get into happiness action, depending on location, time, cost and style. We offer something for everyone:

One to One Coaching

Coaching is a series of conversations with a total focus on what the client wants and how to get there.  Coaching takes people on a journey of progress or change. It is focussed and structured to support people to get where they want to be much more quickly than if they worked towards it alone. Read more…

Happiness Workshops

These  friendly and informal clubs provide a sociable and encouraging environment where you will meet new people and share their ideas and experiences. The club format offers a coaching experience in a group environment. Each club has a maximum of eight members and we meet monthly at different venues, for a 6 month series. The clubs are fun as well as offering the support and accountability required to make some real changes. Read more…

Workshops and Talks

Happiness is a universal topic. Whether it is the relationship between happiness and success, or simple ways to happier living, there will be an area of the subject which is relevant to most companies, organisations and groups.  Talks and workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of the audience, and can be interactive in a variety of ways. Read more…